Monday, February 25, 2008

Maybe baby someday...

Monticello as most of you may know is the home of President Thomas Jefferson. President Jefferson was a renaissance man with great vision. He also had a sister, and she had kids, and they had kids, and they had kids, and they had kids...and from that batch came my father-in-law. So President Jefferson (or as I like to call him, TJ...Uncle TJ...Great-Grand Daddy) is a direct relative.

This summer while visiting the family summer home, we went to see Monticello. Just a short walk away from the main house is the family cemetary...and maybe baby someday we'll be burried there too! We've already picked our corner.

This picture was taken on our visit. As you can plainly see it was a gloomy foggy day, perfect for graveyard plot picking!

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