Tuesday, July 19, 2005

pictures of you...

I am always taking pictures. When people ask, "are you taking another picture?" I respond by simply saying "I'm capturing the moment and one day you'll thank me"

Mon Chien

Bonjour, je m'apelle Henri et je suis le chien plus mignon.

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Women and Wine

This painting reminds me of my friend Lauren who up until recently had it hanging up over her bed. She says the one on the far right looks like me. I think the one on the far left looks like her.

Art Historian

I remember being in my early 20's and going to the Uffizzi with my mom. Florence was very emotional for me because slides were coming to life.
This Botticelli was no different. I remember my eyes swelling with tears as I stood infront of the grandios canvas.

I am what I am...

It reads "shoe whore"

does it flip or flop?

I am a shoe whore...but I love my flippers.
The warm sun on your feet, the funny tan that comes from it. I must own a few dozen pair.

I left my heart...

San Francisco is one of those beautiful places where I could live happily ever after... there's not much I can say except for it is truly one of my favorite places on earth.
There's nothing like a crisp day, strolling through the city, eating some sour dough, and then going to a Giants game where you must endulge in good local beer and garlic fries.


Once a month I make the trek to NYC where I am a grad student at Bank Street College. Early in the fall I visited the Guggenheim, and took this picture from the terrace. It's become one of my favorite New York images.

La Tour Eiffel

When I was 13 I spent a summer in Paris. It changed my view of the world, meeting new people and speaking a beautiful language everyday. I love Paris, and though the French may be arrogant, I'm of French decent, so they can't be THAT bad! Plus...what would we do with out Entrecote and a good glass of Champagne?

Bear Butts

I simply adore these Bears. I have for years. Every time I go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I make sure I have time to visit them. The area of the museum they are in is so serene that I could easily sit there and enjoy the bears all day long.

What is Picture Bliss?

Picture Bliss is a place where I will be posting my favorite images. Images that make me blissful, make me think about the good and important things in life. I hope you enjoy them.