Saturday, August 09, 2008


So every 4 years I turn into an Olympaholic...technically every 2 (since they split up summer and winter game years)...
so for the next two weeks, I will be watching the Olympics non-stop. I don't really care what the sport is, I'll be watching.
I do have my favorites...rowing, swimming, diving, soccer, gymnastics....then random fun ones like badminton, beach volleyball, equestrian sports...track and field is cool...who are we kidding I enjoy watching it all!
so...kudos to all sports, from the ones shown in the ones shown at 1:00am!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Chandeliers in Unexpected Places

I love the look of chandeliers in unexpected places. I love how they make any space luxurious, fabulous and to die for...

These are some of my favorite unexpected places...

One of my best friend's lived in NYC until fairly recently. Her apartment was everything I would want and more. A small stylish flat with a view of the Chrysler Building. In her Missoni filled room was a chandelier. It just gave that room the most warm and welcoming glow. Above there is a picture of the space.
Another great unexpected place is a small brewery/restaurant in Coral Gables called, Titanic. In the main dining room a navy blue ceiling is the backdrop for a lovely chandelier.
And finally my most recent addition came as early as this past Friday, at a place called, Bin No. 18. There are several chandeliers in the small galley restaurant lounge. They give this charming space a lovely glow. The two other pictures are of chandeliers at Bin No. 18. day I'd like to have a chandelier in my closet...see then it wouldn't be a closet, it's be a dressing room. Fantastic!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Oh Soy Steamer...Why do I love you so?

An ode to soy:
Although I know
you don't have teets
your milk is warm and sweet
and with a shot of hazelnut
you always hit the spot
I love you soy steamer
you've made me a believer